Why ODM?

ODM reinvented its business strategy and took a challenge to position itself as a reference in the IT sector. In 2009, we were one of the visionaries who bet on cloud solutions when the companies did not consider it as key for its IT strategy.

We are a company that has revolutionized the industry to settle in the market. We have competed with the largest companies to strengthen our growth target and to differentiate us significantly from competition. We work for making our customers grow, adapting ourselves to markets that are constantly evolving. We bet on an innovative business line directed to unite creativity, technology and product, through which we have implemented smart solutions that significantly increase the productivity of companies. The satisfaction of our customers allows us to evolve and promote a reliable and safe technological development.

Effort, dedication and growth together with a highly qualified and certified team, are the key ingredient for the technological adaptation and differentiate from the competition.

ODM began as a supplier of hardware, but thanks to its strategy, has managed to differentiate between the most prestigious multinational companies of sector. Because, regardless of the size, a company always has one opportunity to increase the value and benefits of its business with the latest technologies.

Los resultados a nuestro esfuerzo nos hacen el mejor Spain’s 2014 Microsoft Partner of the Year and a reference in the Cloud and productivity market.

“If you are looking for different results, do not keep doing the same thing”.
Albert Einstein



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